# Getting Started

This guide walks you through the main features of the 0xcert Framework. It gives you an overview of the concepts and mechanics, as well as the directions on how to write your code.

# How to proceed?

To expose the Framework in all its beauty, the code snippets in this document are written in TypeScript. This way, developers using the Framework will find it more familiar and more comfortable to work with.

The examples in this guide are written for the Ethereum blockchain. This, however, is not an obstacle when applying this guide to Wanchain or any other system since the 0xcert Framework is platform-agnostic and uses the same interface for all the underlying systems.

# Requirements

First, make sure you use the latest software.

  • Node.js > v8.x
  • NPM > v6.x
  • Browser with ES6 support

This guide assumes an intermediate level knowledge of TypeScript and at least a basic understanding of difference between currencies and assets. Basic comprehension of blockchain technology and framework systems is welcome but not required.

In the following chapter, we will learn how our framework communicates with the blockchain.